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Do you feel like others often mumble when they speak? Do you get frustrated because you can hear people talking but just can’t understand the words they’re saying? Are you so tired of asking people to repeat themselves that sometimes it’s just easier to pretend you didn’t hear them at all? If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

We filmed this Hearing Solutions segment with professional speaking coach, Heather Sager, and our own Dr. Tony Milliano to help our community learn about:

  • Types and causes of hearing loss
  • The realities of living with hearing loss
  • Hearing loss and its connection to other major health issues like cognitive decline and dementia
  • The exciting updates and features of the latest hearing aid technology, like customized programs and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Differences between ear, nose, and throat physicians; hearing instrument specialists; and audiologists; and how to choose the right hearing care professional for your needs

Plus, hear directly from a patient about his journey to hearing better.

It takes the average person seven years to come to terms with their hearing loss and seek treatment, yet most people wouldn’t waste a moment if they were having issues with their eyesight or teeth. Don’t let your hearing be any different.

If you have any questions after viewing our Hearing Solutions segment or you’re ready to have your hearing tested in our Paducah or Murray locations, please contact us to schedule time with one of our audiologists.

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