New links have been found between untreated hearing loss and dementia

Research has long pointed to links between hearing loss and reduced brain functioning over time, but the statistics may surprise you.

Consider these startling findings:

  • On average, seniors with hearing loss experience significantly reduced cognitive function 3.2 years before their normal-hearing counterparts.
  • Hearing-impaired seniors experience thinking and memory problems 30 to 40 percent faster than their normal-hearing counterparts.
  • Older adults with a hearing disability may lose over a cubic centimeter of brain tissue annually beyond normal shrinkage.
  • Those with hearing loss are two, three, or nearly five times as likely to develop dementia, depending on the severity of the hearing impairment.

Recently, a systemic review of several of these studies as confirmed the link between the two.

The review promotes new thinking that a preventative strategy for dementia may be more beneficial than therapy post-diagnosis.

Ultimately, treating your hearing loss may be more important than ever. By doing so, you are reducing one of the risk factors associated with dementia.