Hearing loss is gradual, but there are warning signs.

Hearing loss rarely occurs in a single event. Barring an instance of exposure to an extremely loud noise, most hearing loss occurs gradually. Seeing its early warning signs is key in creating more effective treatment solutions, so we’ve compiled a list of indicators that should help you and your loved ones be more aware of your hearing wellness.

  • High-frequency sounds, like the voices of women and children, are hard to hear.
  • People often complain your TV or radio is too loud.
  • You avoid your favorite places and activities because conversations are too exhausting.
  • Companions often have to repeat themselves during a conversation.
  • You have to consciously adjust your posture and position in order to hear conversations at parties and restaurants.
  • The location of sounds are increasingly difficult to determine.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know? If so, it could be an indicator of a hearing difficulty. Our recommendation is to schedule a hearing evaluation. The earlier you receive a diagnosis, the better. Our staff of experienced providers uses the most effective hearing testing techniques to ensure you get accurate and easy-to-understand results.

Contact us today for a free hearing screening. We specialize in hearing care for patients of all ages and can customize better-hearing solutions for a wide variety of treatable hearing difficulties.