“Healthy hearing, healthy heart,” says local audiologist.

As American Heart Month in February reaches 54 years of championing good cardiovascular health, Dr. Tony Milliano wants to remind our community members to take care of their heart and hearing together.

“Many people don’t realize that healthy hearing and the heart go hand in hand,” says Milliano. “We want people to live their best lives, and that includes taking care of both.”

Like hearing loss, which affects an estimated one in five people, according to Johns Hopkins researchers, cardiovascular disease — including heart disease and stroke — is a global public-health challenge affecting children and adults. It’s the No. 1 killer worldwide, with 17.7 million deaths annually, per World Health Organization estimates.

In addition:

  • Hearing loss is more prevalent among those who have a history of circulatory disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, than among those who don’t.
  • Cardiovascular disease can cause decreased hearing sensitivity by actually restricting blood flow to the structures of the inner ear. These structures require blood flow for nourishment.
  • People with heart disease are 54 percent more likely to experience a hearing loss, according to one study — even more so if they’ve suffered a heart attack.

It’s unclear whether hearing loss or cardiovascular disease comes first, or how these two major public-health issues are connected in all cases, but the potential links between them offer another compelling reason to take care of your hearing and your heart.

An effective way to help accomplish that goal? “Avoid tobacco, stick to a healthy diet, exercise at least 30 minutes most days of the week, and get regular physicals and hearing checkups,” advises Milliano. “Your heart and ears will thank you.”

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