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We Love Making a Difference


How many times have you discovered a favorite new restaurant, garden gadget, or even a vet for your beloved fur babies by word of mouth? A thumbs-up from actual people who’ve tried a service or product can carry a lot of weight, so it’s no wonder that an estimated 74% of consumers point to word of mouth as a major driver in their buying decisions.


At Audiology & Hearing Center, we make it our business to ensure an exceptional experience for every person who gives us a call, walks through our doors, or visits us online. What matters most, however, is what you, the patient, think. That’s why we love it when someone who trusted their hearing health to our team spreads the word about their positive experience.


Life-Changing Hearing Help for Brad


Recently our patient Brad Henson did just that. Brad’s a straight shooter who will readily tell you that he didn’t want to admit he had hearing loss. Because of hearing difficulties, however, he noticed that others thought he wasn’t paying close attention to them. In addition, he had trouble hearing speech to the point that he couldn’t always fully understand what people were saying to him.


It all turned around when Brad came to Audiology & Hearing Center for help. Here’s Brad’s own words:


“Now, everything has changed. I’m able to interact with people in a way that they see the love I genuinely have for them. And I’m able to catch a lot of the beautiful parts of life that I was missing. I am so thankful to Audiology & Hearing Center for helping me be me again.”


Hearing feedback like that is music to our ears. Improved hearing can make such a difference in people’s lives — whether reconnecting with loved ones, feeling more empowered at work, or getting back into hobbies sidelined by hearing difficulties. We’re thrilled to be part of Brad’s better-hearing journey and are especially honored that he took time to share his story with the world.


Compassionate Approach to Hearing Care


At Audiology & Hearing Center, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life. So how do we support people along their better-hearing journey? First and foremost, we recognize the individuality of each patient we serve. Hearing loss is unique for every person, so we take a patient-centered approach that focuses on an individual’s specific needs.


Whether providing hearing, tinnitus, or balance care, we pride ourselves on:


  • Having a team of highly trained, compassionate providers and staff
  • Performing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Offering the most advanced technology, including the best hearing aids
  • Tailoring solutions to your individual communication needs


What makes us different?


  • Our expert audiologists keep up to date with the latest advances in hearing care.
  • We access the most current hearing technology— not just what was new three years ago.
  • You can always count on recommendations based on your lifestylethat put your interests first.


A Time for Action


It’s never too late to get hearing help, but the best time is now. Often, hearing loss is gradual and can creep up on you. Regular checkups, however, can help you and your provider track what your hearing level is at a given point in time and catch potential changes or problems early.


And speaking of catching problems: Sometimes addressing a hearing issue is as simple as a proper ear cleaning. A professional hearing test with an audiologist will often occur alongside an ear examination to help uncover issues such as earwax buildup or damage to the ear.


Hearing loss not only affects communication but can go hand in hand with other serious conditions such as social isolation, dementia, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, balance disorders, risk of falls, and mortality. It shows just how much can be at stake when hearing loss goes untreated.


The good news is that improved hearing can be a big boost to quality of life. Research links treatment with hearing aids to reduced risk of dementia, depression, and falls; better brain function; and other aspects of healthier living.


Do you suspect a hearing loss? If any of these sound familiar, it’s another good reason to get your hearing checked:


  • Family history of deafness or hearing loss
  • Frequently saying “Huh?” or “What?”
  • Loved ones complaining about your TV volume
  • Perception that those around you are mumbling
  • Ringing or buzzing in the head or ears (tinnitus)
  • Trouble listening in a noisy restaurant or crowded room
  • Difficulty understanding the speaker at a meeting or religious service
  • Trouble following phone conversations or video chats
  • Regular noise exposure at work, at home, or during recreation


Patients like Brad Henson inspire us, reminding our caring team every day of the personal impact improved hearing has on people’s lives. If you or a loved one is having hearing difficulties or it’s been a while since your last hearing checkup, don’t wait. Contact us to book your evaluation today. Our highly trained professionals at Audiology & Hearing Center are HEAR to help!


“I’m able to catch a lot of the beautiful parts of life that I was missing.”
— Brad Henson, Audiology & Hearing Center patient