Despite the national prevalence of hearing loss, many do not have awareness as to how widespread hearing difficulties are. Below are some quick facts about hearing loss in the United States and how it impacts the way we live.

  1. Many are affected.
    1 in 5 Americans experiences some form of hearing loss.
  2. Yet many do not act.
    80% of those with hearing loss do nothing to treat it.
  3. But when they do …
    It takes the average person 5-7 years to seek professional diagnosis for a hearing difficulty.

Hearing loss is typically caused by:

  • Aging
  • Ototoxic medication
  • Heredity
  • Exposure to noise

How loud is loud?
Exposure to noises 85 dB and above — like lawn mowers, concerts, and MP3 players (at full volume) — for 15 minutes or more can cause permanent hearing damage.

There’s no need to wait.
We emphasize the importance of good dental and vision health, yet ignore our crucial sense of hearing. Getting in the habit of receiving annual hearing evaluations can help you maintain better hearing, learn better hearing techniques, and set a positive example for those close to you.

There is hope — solutions are available.
The first step in achieving and maintaining better hearing is to get tested. Beyond testing, a wide variety of better-hearing tools—from custom earplugs to personalized MP3 earbuds to digital hearing aids—are available to prevent damage and normalize your hearing experience.

Contact us today for your hearing evaluation. Helping you hear your world in a way that suits how you live is our specialty. We look forward to serving you.