You don’t let anything stop you — especially your hearing loss.

You spend your days making the most of your time, your talents, and your life, and you need a hearing aid that does the same. Invisible hearing aids have caused quite the stir in the hearing-technology market, and we’re here to break down what you need to know about these little guys’ big advantages.

  • Discreet. Hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid. Invisible technology is the subtlest option on the market, keeping the focus on you — not your hearing impairment.
  • Functionality. Their advanced sound processing and noise reduction help you focus on and understand conversation even in disruptive background noise.
  • Compatibility. This tech is ready for whatever listening situation you find yourself in. Have a double date? An important meeting? Simply want to relax and listen to your favorite band? Invisible aids adjust to your environment, so you can move seamlessly through your life.
  • Versatility. Invisible devices are available for almost all types of hearing loss, except for the most severe.

    Connectivity. They have wireless capability to link to TVs, MP3 devices, computers, and landline/mobile phones.

  • Mobility. When you’re fit with invisible hearing aids, they are custom molded to your ear, so they have a secure fit perfect for an active lifestyle.
  • Comfort. A deep fit helps to reduce occlusion — that uncomfortable “plugged up” feeling.

AGX® Hearing’s invisible hearing aids respond to the world around you. Look your best and feel your best with devices that let you focus your energy on what you love — not on your hearing aids.